Creepy hazard should have consumers on alert this Halloween

This Halloween, one creepy crawly hazard should have consumers and families on alert when trying on costumes.

With more people trying on masks and wigs, doctors say there is an increase in lice cases this time of year.

"As you can imagine with kids going out and trying different costumes on and hats on and wigs on and things like that, it certainly can increase the incidents of head lice being transmitted from one to the other," Dr. David Roer with Pediatric Associates of Dayton told News Center 7's Rachel Murray.

Dr. Roer says the lice are almost impossible to spot, and it only takes seconds to transfer from person to person, or wig to person.

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“Unless you actually see the lice moving, you are probably not going to notice, especially with these wigs that have a lot of hair and different things in it,” Dr. Roer told Murray.

The good news? Lice can’t live off the body for more than 24 hours, so weighing the risks can help you avoid the pesky bugs.

“You have to decide whether you really want to try these things on or see how you look,” said Dr. Roer. “Maybe wear a hairnet over your head or anything you can do to prevent it and just be cautious.”

If you suspect you or your child have been infected with head lice, contact your doctor for treatment.

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