Firefighters battle flames and heavy winds during Dayton house fire

A woman was able to escape unharmed after her home caught fire in Dayton Wednesday but then suffered an unrelated medical issue.

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No one was injured during the one-story fire in the 4700 block of Woodbine Avenue, but the woman had to be transported to a local hospital unrelated to the fire, said Captain Chris Kizeler of the Dayton Fire Department.

Emergency crews arrived within five minutes to the scene to find heavy flames coming from the attic just after 6 a.m.

Heavy winds made it complicated for firefighters to put the flames out as they began an aggressive attack, said Kizeler.

“Wind certainly complicated things. When we get inside, we want to make it as safe as an attack as we can,” Kizeler said. “Once crews began opening up the ceiling in the first floor, the wind started to make itself through. That accelerates the fire. Crews did a great job. They reacted appropriately.”

Most of the roof was destroyed, but the first floor of the house was undamaged, Kizeler said.

Minimal damage did extend to the house next door, melting siding on the side of the home.

The house is uninhabitable, but the resident did not need the assistance of Red Cross, Kizeler said.

Investigators are working to learn the cause of the fire that began in the attic.

DP&L and Vectren were on scene as part of a standard procedure, said Kizeler.

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