Witnesses restrain man accused of park sex act until PD arrives

A man arrested in possession of strawberry kiwi flavored lubricant while performing a sex act in a local park was pinned down by witnesses until police arrived, according to a report.

Kevin Hibner, 61, of Beavercreek, was booked into the Montgomery County Jail on a public indecency charge.

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Dayton police responded to Triangle Park around 4 p.m. Tuesday after witnesses said Hibner walked past a group of people smoking hookah in the parking lot and entered a shelter, where he was said to have pulled his pants down to perform a sex act on himself, a Dayton police report read.

The group smoking hookah began filming Hibner performing the sex act and some individuals held down the 61-year-old until police arrived on the scene, the report said.

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Police reviewed the video and determined Hibner appeared to be performing a sex act on himself.

During his arrest, police found a bottle of strawberry kiwi flavored lubricant in his pocket, which was taken as evidence.

Hibner has two previous convictions in Dayton for public indecency, including one in 2008 at the same park.  In 2008, Hibner was placed on 2 years probation and ordered to therapy.

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