Dayton family out thousands of dollars for flooring work never done

A Dayton family said they are out thousands of dollars paid to a contractor to fix their floors.

“Depressing, disgusting and I’m downright angry,” homeowner Richard Dunn said.

He is talking about his kitchen, and his mood.

“Because I have to live through this, been living through it since October.”

That is when Dunn paid a local contractor Titan Tiles to rip out and install new flooring in his kitchen.

The contractor took care of the first part, but months later, that’s all that was done.

“We have him the money to buy the tile, which he did. Brought the tile, put it in the garage, along with the cement, and from there ... nothing started to happen,” Dunn said.

He said the contractor would set up a date to come work, and then never show up.

“And this was about six or seven incidents that he promised to show up and didn’t,” Dunn said.

The contractor said that he warned the family from the beginning the job could take four to six weeks, or longer, because of the holidays. He said he needs an entire week of good weather to get the job done.

As for Dunn: “I want my money back.”

It’s not just his kitchen that is a mess. His garage is full of uninstalled tiles and cabinets.

It has taken a toll.

“I’m upset. And I’m only half as upset as my wife is,” he said.

Dunn said he contacted the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office for help.

The contractor said the two sides are in mediation and hope to resolve this. He said he can’t be held accountable for the weather.

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