Dayton Police Chief Biehl stolen service weapon case: Dept. releases new details

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Dayton police chief's gun stolen

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

UPDATE @ 7:20 p.m. (Aug. 15): The Dayton Police Department issued the following statement in response to our questions about the incident report filed in the Chief Richard Biehl stolen service weapon case:

  • Chief Biehl's name was not listed on the initial incident report because the city owns the weapon
  • The address of the East Patrol Operations Division's Wayne Avenue address was used in lieu of using an off-duty law enforcement officer's address which, for safety purposes, is not subject to public release
  • There is currently no DPD policy governing 'keeping service weapons in city vehicles'

UPDATE @ 4:15 p.m. (Aug. 15)

Dayton City Manager Shelley Dickstein issued the following statement in the Police Chief Richard Biehl stolen service weapon investigation:

  “City leadership was made aware of the theft immediately following the incident. In addition to the criminal investigation, an administrative/internal investigation is also being conducted. This is the standard procedure when City property is damaged and/ or stolen. 

Since the investigation began, City leadership has been kept apprised and briefed regularly. As with any ongoing investigation, the City and/or Police Department will not make comments prior to the conclusion of both investigations.”


Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl's service weapon has been stolen and the police department is looking for it.

The theft of Biehls' service weapon occurred in the 2700 block of Wayne Avenue during the period of July 27 and 28, according to an incident report that includes no narrative, no supplemental information, no name of victim or circumstances of the theft.

The police department’s Second District headquarters is 2721 Wayne Ave.

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The single-page incident report, dated Aug. 14, does not include the name of the complainant and lists "street/hghway/alley" in the section "method of operation information."

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An evidence crew was dispatched, according to the incident report that lists felony "thefts THFOTH" in the section "crime status information." There is no definition of "THFOTH" included in the report.

The police department issued a statement Monday regarding the incident:

“During a recent series of thefts in a Dayton neighborhood, some of Chief Biehl’s personal and city issued property, including his service weapon, was stolen. Dayton police detectives currently have an open and ongoing investigation into these thefts.

“At this time we cannot release additional details which could potentially hamper or compromise the investigation. There is a department administrative review being done, which is standard for any loss of city property.”

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