Dayton police prepare to keep public safe as more people come out this weekend

The Dayton Police Department will increase the number of officers in the Oregon District this weekend as they prepare for a higher number of people.

This will be the first weekend since the mass shooting and Major Wendy Stiver says crews have been “all hands on deck” since the tragic incident.

“We’ve been all hands on deck since Saturday night, and so we’re working hard at checking in on each other and trying to give our officers a break here and there,” she said. “But we gotta be out here doing the job, that’s the most important thing is making the community feel safe, making our businesses feel safe.”

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The department says it’s been tough, but they’ve received so much support from everyone.

“It’s been tough. We’ve gotten so much support from the community,” Stiver said. “This community has really demonstrated that it has risen to this and wrapped their arms around our police department, our fire department, and really shown their appreciation for everything we’re all doing out here.”

Stiver says even though crowds of hundreds to thousand of people come out , they have few problems.

“We can see crowds of several hundred to several thousands on weekend nights,” she said. “For the most part, we have very few problems.”

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It’s difficult to predict exactly how many people come out, but crews are prepared to keep the public safe.

“We expect to see more people than maybe we normally see but they’re all coming for a lot of different reasons and we’re gonna be here to make them feel safe,” Stiver said. “We’re gonna be prepared for a lot more this weekend.”

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