5 Dayton residents told to vacate their property after heavy drug use

Dayton--Five people were given nuisance tickets Wednesday afternoon and now have to vacate their property in 15 days after police found evidence of heavy drug use.

The residence located in Dayton at 337 Deeds Ave., has been the site of four overdoses in the last month, one of those overdoses ending fatally according to Dayton Police.

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DPD says they and an investigator from the Montgomery County Prosecutors office were called to assist in a welfare check of the property.

When officers started walking to the house they spotted a man reportedly trying to run from the backyard into the house, they were able to stop the man and handcuff him before getting inside.

Upon entering the house Dayton Police say that they found another four people hiding out in various rooms, all four people were rounded up and removed from the home.


While Officers were further investigating the home they found a black scale with drug residue on it along with, capsules, syringes and a crack pipe.

According to the report all five individuals were issued nuisance tickets and were notified to vacate the property in 15 days or file an appeal with the housing unit.

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