Dumpster diving, garbage dumping causing issues for local shopping center


Dumpster divers and others dumping their garbage are creating a huge mess for businesses and shoppers in the Northtown Shopping Center.

Several businesses in the shopping center on N. Main Street include a Dollar tree, Save a Lot and a Clothing store.

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But behind the complex, garbage is scattered around overflowing dumpsters. Dollar Tree employees said they have to clean up the mess behind the store on a weekly basis.

Employees of another store said they’ve been people dumping garbage behind the store despite “no dumping” signs painted on the back of buildings.

“I just want the neighborhood to stay clean,” said Fred Letimer.

Letimer said he has seen people dumping tires and trash in the area.

Brenda Richardson, who lives across the street from the business, said there is so much trash they refuse to get out of their cars to go into the business.

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