Google maps can’t find this Dayton business. Its frustrated owner wants a change.

Good luck trying to find Jamie Elizondo’s roofing business using Google maps.

Noble Roofing Co. is located at 312 N. McGee St. in east Dayton.

But type that address into Google maps and the world’s most popular web mapping service will assume the address you want is 312 N. James H. McGee Blvd., located four miles away in West Dayton.

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Elizondo says that customers and other visitors often get lost trying to find her company.

She has resorted to telling people to head to 744 Springfield St. and then look behind it to find her property, according to the minutes of a plan board meeting.

Another employee told the plan board that people often call in when they are lost and they turn out to be nearly 20 minutes away on James H. McGee Boulevard.

But Elizondo has asked the city to change the 300 block of North McGee Street to Roofers Way in the hopes of putting an end to the confusion.

Noble Roofing is the only property along that block of North McGee Street with that road’s address: Two other side yards abut the 300 block, but the properties have Springfield Street addresses.

The Burkhardt/Springfield neighborhood association sent the city a letter opposing the change, saying it could cause confusion for emergency responders. A property owner whose side yard abuts the 300 block also opposed the change on the grounds that it could be confusing for his renters.

But the Dayton Plan Board unanimously recommended the Dayton City Commission approve the name change. The public hearing is scheduled for the end of January, with a commission vote expected after that.

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