Great Pyrenees from Louisiana now at Springfield rescue

Six Great Pyrenees from Louisiana made the long journey to Springfield this weekend.

The three males between 1 and 3 years old; a 6-month-old male and two 12-week-old puppies arrived around 2 p.m. at the National Great Pyrenees Rescue’s Springfield shelter.

Kaira Carpenter, Ohio foster coordinator for the rescue organization, said the dogs came from foster homes in Louisiana to make room for dogs displaced by Hurricane Harvey. Many volunteers drove the dogs for legs of the journey.

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“I think it’s amazing. This weekend has really been a testament to what people can do when they pull together and want to make something happen,” Carpenter said.

The rescue has 12 dogs in the kennel, three at Neal’s Kennel and now six more, most of which will go to foster homes already available.

“There’s no rescue without volunteers, fosters and adopters,” she said.

One adoptive family drove to Springfield from Oak Park, Michigan, to pick up a 13-week-old Pyrenees, Anatolian shepherd mix.



“I first saw Rowdy on the National Great Pyrenees Rescue Facebook website,” Darlene Pippin said. “I fell in love with his picture, showed him to my family and we all agreed that we wanted to get him.”

The puppy they have named Cane was in Louisiana, but the rescue brought him up to Springfield, only 3½ hours away from Pippin’s home in Michigan.

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“We were his fourth connection before he gets home,” Pippin said, noting that the rescue provided progress reports on the trek north . “We’ve been in contact with them and updated on every step. We are just thankful and excited to have a new member of our family.”

Carpenter said the rescue group always need volunteers, foster homes and adopters. For more information, visit the National Great Pyrenees Rescue website.

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