Greene County Health Inspections

The following are summaries of state of Ohio standard inspection reports on file from the Greene County Combined Health District, from the week of Nov. 6-10. District information is available online at

Little Caesars Pizza

245 W. Main St., Xenia

Date of inspection: Nov. 7

Violations: PIC unable to verify that staff has been trained on the symptoms and 13 reportable illnesses in the food code. Gave PIC handout to assist. This must be posted and kept up to date. PIC starting the training of staff during the inspection and will continue with all staff.

Found soiled rack covers used to cover the prepared pizza’s on the pizza rack where contamination could occur to the food. Discussed with PIC that covers need to be cleaned daily or they need to switch to disposable covers as indicated.

Found gaskets on both doors of the make table damaged. Replace gaskets to provide easy cleaning. Found the air curtain to the walkin damaged and flaps missing. Repair air curtain. Found two paper towel holders not working to dispense paper towels (hand sink and mens restroom).

Found shelving in the walkin in need of cleaning to remove buildup on wire shelving and plastic shelving.

Found covers over pizza trays soiled with food debris. Discussed cleaning and/or replacement. Found gaskets to the hot holding box in need of more frequent cleaning to prevent contamination.

Found table legs on cutting table in need of cleaning to remove dirt. Found exterior to oven in need of cleaning to remove grease and dust. Found mildew growth around back of 3 compartment sink and along caulking.

Clean the dishwashing area to be free of mildew. Found shelving in the pizza prep area soiled with flour and grease buildup. Clean more frequently to remove.

Found clean baking trays and pans on the shelfs with an excess of baked on grease. All pans and trays must be cleaned to site of food debris.

Found pizza boxes (although still wrapped) stored on the floor in the office where contamination could occur. Store all single use items 6 inches up off the floor.

Found toilet in mens restroom out of order. (PIC is working on clogged toilet) Found water intrusion on the floor in the back room and a leak at the main water line shutoff. Repair leak to prevent pooling of water on the floor.

Found an old sink not in use in the back room. Remove sink and piping that is not in use.

Found the facility has increased cleaning of the grease trap due to the unit backing up into the retail food establishment.

Work orders have been submitted, but no repairs or replacement has occurred. Facility to provide all repairs and clean out receipts for the past year and start documenting all events in which the grease trap malfunctions. Replacement of the unit is needed. Provide at next inspection.

Found gaps in door frame at entry door in back room, Repair gaps to prevent entry of rodents. Found holes in the wall and damaged walls at various locations in the back room and under the old mop sink. All walls must be free of holes, smooth and made to be easily cleanable. Remove all cardboard from wall and repair wall to be airtight and easily cleanable. Found door frames and thresholds where paint is worn off. Repair all wood where paint is worn off.

Found coving missing in the lobby, replace all coving to provide a seal at the floor to wall interface.

Found a light fixture over the make table not working properly. Repair light fixture. Found cabinets outside office without doors. Repair doors to units.

Found the floors and walls in the lobby in need of cleaning, found the shelving and floors in the office where bottled drinks and paper goods are stored to be in need of cleaning. Found floors and PVC piping under 3 compartment sink and walls around sink in need of cleaning. Found walls around hand sink and the hand sink in need of cleaning.

Found floors in hall outside office in need of cleaning. Found walls and conduit around electrical panel wall in need of cleaning. Found the boom box on top of the freezer in need of cleaning. Found the floors in the mens restroom in need of further cleaning. Found mop sink and walls around mop sink and around water heater in need of cleaning. Found debris in old mop sink in back, clean and remove. Clean all areas in back room(s) of dirt, dampness and debris.

Found the conveyor pizza oven and hood system in need of cleaning on a more frequent basis. The facility initiated a work order October 1, 2017 and still has not received a response or cleaning time from the company.

Recommend contacting a new company and getting the oven and hood on at least a quarterly cleaning schedule.

Found excess equipment in the back room that if it cannot be stored in a manner to allow the facility to be kept clean, the items need to be removed from the store: oven, freezer, sheeter, excess trays and pans, cash registers mixers etc. There is also excessive litter and cardboard, debris etc., in back storage room that needs to be removed.

Comments: Xenia city water department determined the leak at the main shut off is the responsibility of the facility to repair and the water will need to be shut off at the street to facilitate the repair.

Previous discussions of a building remodel were brought up again. As no plans have been received for remodel, repairs to the walls and removal of all old plumbing fixtures and unused lines shall be put into place. The facility must be able to maintain the entire premises in good, clean working order.

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