Greyhound apologizes to riders left stranded when bus breaks down in Englewood

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Greyhound Stranded Travelers

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

UPDATE @ 7:40 p.m. (July 31): An official with Greyhound Lines, Inc., apologized to the at least 30 riders left stranded more than eight hours when the coach they were on broke down Monday afternoon on I-70 in Englewood.

“One of our buses experienced a road failure due to unknown causes on July 30,” Crystal Booker, communications specialist, said in a prepared statement issued late Tuesday afternoon.

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“Passengers were transported by a city bus to downtown Dayton while our driver retrieved a relief bus in order to help passengers continue their journey,” she said. “We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We will continue to look into what may have happened in order to prevent incidents like this from occurring in the future.”

True enough, an RTA official confirmed that an RTA bus ferried 20 passengers of the stranded riders. But RTA took them to the Northwest transit hub in Trotwood, not downtown. Those riders caught another Greyhound in Trotwood and continued on their trips.

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Greyhound bus break down strands passengers in Englewood.

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Before the RTA bus arrived, as many as 10 of the stranded riders still on (state Route 48) North Main Street in Englewood hopped aboard a passing Greyhound bus whose driver offered a ride.

The roadside refugees had to stand in the aisle and hold their luggage because the bus was already full.

Mark Santanello, a rider traveling with his wife from California to New Hampshire, told WHIO-TV’s Mike Campbell, “it’s been a nightmare, an absolute nightmare.”

There has been no word yet whether the passengers will get any financial relief from Greyhound.

INITIAL REPORT (July 31, early morning)

A group of Greyhound bus passengers, including young children, have been stranded for more than eight hours after the bus they were traveling on broke down on I-70 in Englewood.

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Thirty-two passengers were on the bus that was traveling from Indianapolis to Columbus when it malfunctioned on I-70. Passengers said the driver then pulled off the highway near North Main Street, where they have been stranded since 5:30 p.m. Monday.

Mark Santanello, a rider who was traveling from California with his wife, said they’ve been in contact with Greyhound representatives, but help has yet to arrive.

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“We’ve called numerous times, but they said they can’t do anything but try to send another bus,” said Santanello.

At least 10 passengers were reportedly able to board another bus passing through the city, but a number of original riders are still left without transportation to their destination.

Santanello said passers-by and nearby restaurant workers have been helpful, providing food and water for those stranded, but he hopes the situation is resolved soon.

“It’s heartbreaking that people are out here, especially kids, elderly people, and people with mental issues that are hungry and cold. It’s about to rain and no one is doing anything about it,” he said.

This news organization reached out to Greyhound for comment. They stated they “cannot provide information on the issue.”