How does Clayton run? City offers Government Academy to residents

The city of Clayton is set to host its first Government Academy later this year, according to Director of Development Jack Kuntz.

The academy will consist of a five- to six-week program that will include one class per week for one and a half hours in the evening.

Classes will be arranged so that each week focuses on a department: one week with the police department, one week with the fire department, etc.

The residents who participate in the academy will learn what goes into providing each of the services that the city provides and a look at what makes a local government function.

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Exercises will be demonstrated to the residents to see what it is like to carry out some of the different jobs each department does, and residents will get to participate in each of the duties.

“We believe this will be a great opportunity for our staff to share with the community at large what exactly goes on during a typical day at the local government entity,” Kuntz said, “giving our staff the opportunity to answer questions from our citizens and really just creating the forum to have a positive interaction between the general public and their government officials about how the City of Clayton runs and offers services.”

The residents will be able to learn about what goes into getting leaf trucks set up to suck leaves in the fall and plow snow in the winter, how the police department protects the city, and how the fire department prepares for emergencies.

“This is the first time we’ve ever offered anything like this, and it’ll be free, so the class will be limited to how many residents will be able to do it,” Kuntz said.

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There is no exact date set on when the program will begin, but the city will release further details in the late spring to early summer, according to Kuntz.

Visit the Clayton's website for further updates on the Government Academy or contact Kuntz at (937) 836-3500.

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