Hungry at the Air Show? Check out these Vandalia-area restaurants

If you plan to visit the Air Show, here are some restaurants you need to make sure to visit before or after you check out the planes.

Jim’s Donut Shop

Jim’s is a well-known place for residents of Vandalia, but not many people know about it. Opened since the 1950s, it is worth the drive to eat at a donut shop to make life long friends with its patrons.

All the donuts are hand-made and worth every calorie added. Each month, Jim’s assigns a “Donut of the Month” and showcases one of their famous and appetizing donuts.

Patrons will tell you the must-try donuts are the Maple Bacon, Fruity Pebbles and their Apple Fritters.

Jim’s Donut Shop is located at 122 East National Road in Vandalia. It is open 24 hours a day.

Credit: Bill Reinke

Credit: Bill Reinke

Christy’s Pizza

Christy’s Pizza was opened in 1960 by Dan and Betty Collinsworth. The children and in-laws have run the restaurant since 1985.

The original Christy’s was in Huber Heights until it was moved to Vandalia. The catering company is still in the original location.

“Many of first dates and many employee’s have been married because of Christy’s,” said the owner of Christy’s Steve Dent and the son-in-law of the Collinsworth’s.

The restaurant is a family restaurant with a love of Vandalia and pizza. They serve more than just pizza, but cabbage rolls, cheesesteaks, salads and everything is homemade, according Dent.

Christy's Pizza is located at 503 South Dixie Drive. The hours of operation can be found on their website.

Airline Dairy Crème

Airline Dairy Crème is on its third generation in the city of Vandalia. Nancy Suther is the current owner of the ice cream shop.

Suther’s father and grandfather bought the building in 1964. They began to serve soft serve ice creams.

Airline Dairy Crème has a flavor of the week and they do not just serve ice cream. They have food, too. Hamburgers, hot dogs, pork and a whole lot more.

“Proud to still be here to serve the community,” said Suther.

Every Thursday they host a cruise-in.

Airline Dairy Crème is located at 224 North Dixie Drive. The hours of operation are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The Original Rib House

The Original Rib House is a hidden gem to newcomers to the city. The owners of the rib house are Bill Brusman and his daughter, Renee.

There has been three generations of Brusmans to serve food in the Vandalia area for the past 90 years. It all started at the old Highway Inn, that was considered Vandalia’s Cafeteria on National Road. The next generation worked at the Frisch’s franchise that was located where the rib house is today.

The Original Rib House serves a wide variety of options for your taste buds that include barbeque ribs, broasted chicken and cod, salmon patties, pulled pork and salads. All of their salad dressings and pies are homemade.

The Original Rib House is located at 275 East National Road in Vandalia. The hours of operation can be found on their website.

Little York Tavern and Pizza

Little York Tavern and Pizza is right off I-75 in Vandalia and a great spot for live music and pizza. Open since 1988, owner Matt Hentrick’s parents started the pizza side of the tavern and it has been a success ever since.

“My parents put their hearts into this with good decisions,” said Hentrick, “it has been about product consistency.”

Most famous for their home-made pizza, Little York is a great destination for family, friends, reunions or just a simple night out to listen to a great band.

Little York Tavern and Pizza is located at 4120 Little York Road in Vandalia. The hours of operation can be found on their website.

Bunkers Sports Bar and Grill

Bunkers Sports Bar and Grill is another hidden gem in the city of Vandalia. They opened their doors in 1995 and could not think of another home for their restaurant.

Owners Mary Lou Kreusch and Leann McLaughlin are a true mother and daughter team. The whole family grew up in Vandalia. McLaughlin and her 11 siblings are proud Vandalia-Butler alumni.

“We are very appreciative of the outstanding community support the past 23 years,” said McLaughlin.

Bunkers serves a wide range of food that include their award-winning wings and breakfast food, according to McLaughlin. They have 42 beers on tap.

Bunkers Sports Bar and Grill is located at 893 East National Road. The hours of operation can be found on their website.

Shen’s Szechuan and Sushi

Shen’s Szechuan and Sushi opened in 2011 as Mr. Lee’s. Shen Xie was the executive chef for Mr. Lee for five years until the owner retired.

Xie was born in Chongquing, Szechuan, and attended culinary school and specialized in Szechuan cuisine, according to the restaurant spokesperson Reany Kao. Xie continued the restaurant with the original menu and added traditional Szechuan food.



Shen’s Szechuan and Sushi is owned by Xie and Kao.

The restaurant offers a wide variety of Chinese dishes, traditional Szechuan dishes, a sushi bar and full bar. The food is made from scratch per order, which allows the restaurant to have the ability to offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.

Shen's Szechuan and Sushi is located at 7580 Poe Avenue. The hours of operation can be found on their website.

Hairless Hare Brewery

Hairless Hare Brewery was started in 2013 by two friends, Matt Harris and Mike Legg, with help from their wives. Harris and Legg were “underground” brewers as a hobby before opening this establishment.

The owners felt that the northern region of the Greater Dayton Area needed a brewery. The state made it easier to get licensing for breweries around that time, according to Harris. He stated that that is why the region has seen an increase in breweries.

The brewery’s food specialties are hand-crafted pizza and smoked meats. The beer offered is all homemade by the owners.

Hairless Hare Brewery is located at 738 West National Road in Vandalia. The hours of operation can be found on their website.

Warehouse 4

A little off the beaten path lies Warehouse 4, a coffee shop with a kitchen that gives a bit of a new-aged flare to the city of Vandalia.

Open since 2013, Warehouse 4 has attracted many people for its third wave style coffee shop. It offers the modern home-style coffee that is out of the big city.

General Manager Adam Lowe has held his position since the transition in owners in 2015. He offers endless coffee and tea options. The kitchen offers sandwiches crafted with Boar’s Head meats and cheese, fresh garden salads and savory soups.

Warehouse 4 is a great place to get together with a few friends, according to Lowe.

Warehouse 4 is located at 335 South Dixie Drive. The hours of operation can be found on their website.

If you need to satisfy your tastebuds, come to Vandalia to experience the wide range of hometown food we have to offer, according to Communication Manager Rich Hopkins.

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