2 injured hikers rescued from Glen Helen Nature Preserve

Two females, an adult and teenager, were injured today while hiking out at the Glen Helen Nature Preserve near Yellow Springs.

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The pair was climbing the stone steps to return to the parking lot when a 10-foot tree branch broke loose and fell, striking them both, according to Colin Altman, chief of Miami Twp. Fire Rescue.

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Firefighters assisted the adult in finishing the stairs and used a basket to rescue the younger hiker. They were taken to Greene Memorial Hospital for treatment. Their injuries were not considered life-threatening.

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Altman said it is the season for his department to respond to more emergency calls at Glen Helen and at the John Bryan State Park.

As the weather gets warmer we see an increase in these types of calls,” he said. “[These hikers] were not in the right place at the right time. They are lucky that the injuries are not worse than they are.”

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