JUST IN: Huber Heights YMCA to become first 24 hour center in Dayton-area



Time will soon be less of an obstacle for Huber Heights YMCA members struggling to fit in some exercise.

Starting Jan. 6, the YMCA on Shull Rd. will become the first YMCA of Greater Dayton location to be open 24 hours. The new 24-hour schedule runs 5 a.m. Mondays until closing at 6 p.m. Saturday nights. The center will still close on Sundays at regular hours.

“There was a discussion about how can we serve more people,” said Chris Lindeman, executive director of YMCA at The Heights. “You know, the worker that works second shift and by the time they get off work we are closed for the day already. ... Even families, mom or dad, one stays home with the kids one night while the other comes and gets a workout because their schedule is so busy.”

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Before the expanded hours go into effect, the Huber Heights YMCA location will also open its renovated wellness center sometime in mid-December.

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The expansion will add 5,000 square feet to the wellness center and will cost around $700,000, Lindeman said. The YMCA will be adding about $200,000 worth of equipment into the new area. The YMCA has remained open during construction that began in July.

While members will not need to pay any additional fees to have access to the new hours, only members 18 years of age and older will be allowed in the facility after 10 p.m. Doors will be locked and staff will be on site in case of late-night emergencies.

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“The hope with us going 24 hours is we’re going to serve as a pilot program for the YMCA of Greater Dayton to see how it goes, see what the demand is,” Lindeman said. “Is it something that our membership base wants? Is it something the community wants? Then we’ll look at the facilities in our association and decide what facilities would be best served to have this same option available in their communities.”

Amenities to be available during the new extended hours include the wellness center, the gymnasium, the indoor track and locker room. The pool will close according to its usual schedule.

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