A lifelong relationship with the Daily News began 87 years ago

Molly Campbell - then still a Yankovich and the daughter of Croatian immigrants - in 1932 sprawled on her living room floor reading the funnies in the Dayton Daily News, practicing her English alongside her older sister, Mary.

Campbell, 93, of Centerville, has been a subscriber to the Dayton Daily News with her family for 87 years. As Campbell’s reading skills improved as a child, she would read the articles and share what she learned with her non-English speaking parents.

“She (Mary) would lay on one side and I would lay on the other,” Campbell said. “We would read the comics and ask each other, ‘You ready?’ One would say, ‘No I’m not ready yet.’ Then, when we were both ready, we would trade sides. We were hooked and our parents were proud of us.”

Through 64 years of marriage, five children, many leadership roles and a few careers, Campbell still reads the Dayton Daily News each day— for hours at a time if the day allows.

Campbell credits her love of journalism for influencing the paths she and her siblings’ lives would follow. Each of Campbell’s children grew up to work careers tied to writing or journalism — journalism professors at University of Southern Mississippi and Miami University, a chief conservator in the Rare Books Collection at Ohio State University, an author of two books and a computer consultant at Apple Inc.

“Writing seems to be one of the things we all inherited somehow,” Campbell said.

But Campbell said she has a hunch it all began on the living room floor in 1932 when her parents subscribed to the Dayton Daily News to help their children learn the “American ways.”

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