Light pole mystery solved

A homeowner contacted the Ombudsman Office for assistance in determining which company or governmental jurisdiction was responsible for two light poles that had fallen in front of his home. A company did come to remove the light from one of the poles, and the workman informed the homeowner that the poles were not the responsibility of the company. The man had also contacted his telephone service, and that company also denied having any responsibility for the poles.

The homeowner also contacted the township office where he lives and was told that the poles did not belong to the township. The homeowner reported there were no numbers on the poles with which to identify them. The homeowner felt as if everyone was denying responsibility for the poles and that each was trying to place the responsibility on another.

The Ombudsman initially enlisted the assistance of a local electric company in order to help determine ownership of the poles. The staff person at the electric company took the relevant information, and agreed to look into the matter. The staff person also agreed to contact the homeowner to determine if the poles were for street lights or for night lights.

After several conversations among the electric company staff, the Ombudsman and the township staff, it was determined that the township was responsible for the poles. The township promptly removed the fallen poles.

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