LIVE with Kelly and Ryan: Talk show goes without a studio audience due to coronavirus

In the growing concern over limiting the spread of the coronavirus, various universities and big sporting events have had to go without in-person classes and fans in the stands. Now daytime talk shows are following suit.

On Tuesday morning at the start of their show ‘LIVE with Kelly and Ryan’, host Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest opened to a very small enthusiastic in-house live audience made up of only the show’s producers.

“As you can see things are a little different today given the developing situation in New York with the coronavirus. The decision was made to suspend audiences from our show,” Seacrest explained.

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“We don’t have our regular studio audience, except for some of our producers who are obviously being punished for something” Ripa lightheartedly stated, as the camera panned to two small rows of a few show producers standing in.

“That shouldn’t stop everyone from watching at home, because let’s face it, you can’t go anywhere else” Ripa continued, putting a humorous and positive spin to the changes happening.

“Our show must go on” she said.

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