Local police ask residents to share home security camera footage

As home security cameras become more and more popular with houses across the Miami Valley, several police departments are asking residents to use them to help solve crimes.

All people need to do is register their cameras with their local police department, giving them access to their footage if they need the help to solve a case.

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Some residents have been hesitant to sign up, however.

Jamie McSorley, of Vandalia, told us, “I would say it depends because there’s kind of a privacy issue I would think in that.” She added that she didn’t think she would register, but would turn over footage to police if she deemed it appropriate.

However, Bill DeFries, owner of Copp Integrative Systems which produces systems like video surveillance, said people shouldn’t worry about police accessing the videos.

“There really isn't a nefarious nature to it as far as law enforcement is concerned. It's too many checks and balances involved,” he said.

“If you have committed a crime and you try to cover it up,” he also said, “there should be no reason why any available information that may be out there to help solve that crime should not be available.”

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Home security systems are already being used to help solve crimes.

Dayton police used security footage in the recent case where a 4-month old was attacked by a dog and died.

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