Local Red Cross overrun with close to 12,000 CPR manikins

Old Red Cross CPR training manikins are being phased out across the country in favor of new state-of-the-art manikins and the Dayton Red Cross chapter has been selected as the decommissioning site.

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New manikins are equipped with three interrelated sets of lights that provide feedback during CPR training.

The new equipment can track depth of chest compressions, rate of blood circulation and the quality of someone’s CPR technique.

As the new manikins are put into service the outdated ones are sent to Dayton resulting in boxes and tote bags full of manikins lining the Dayton branch.

Manikins that are beyond repair are being recycled for their materials and so far 400 manikins have been recycled. No manikins end up in the dumpster, says Dayton Chapter Executive Cory Paul.

Manikins that still have "life" in them are being shipped to locations around the world and gifted to Red Cross Societies. International Services at the Red Cross is paying for the cost of the shipping, while volunteers and staff at the Dayton Chapter are working tirelessly to sort, pack and ship.

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