‘I love my chips’: Key county building food stop in limbo after visually impaired operator retires

Judy Good working in the snack bar in the Government Services Center in 2009. FILE PHOTO

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Judy Good working in the snack bar in the Government Services Center in 2009. FILE PHOTO

When 2018 dawned, a staple as a spot to pick up chips, a sandwich or drink in the Government Services Center was shuttered, leaving many without daily snacks.

Judy Good, who ran the snack bar on the first floor, has retired, according to Erica Cooper, county commissioners’ office manager.

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Good, who is visually impaired, was behind the counter daily as part of the county’s contract with the Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission Bureau of Services for the Visually Impaired.

Before moving to the location in the 2000s, Good managed the county’s concessions for about 35 years in various locations, including the administration building.

“She did an excellent job,” said Butler County Commissioner Don Dixon. “We could not have asked for anyone better.”

Dixon said the snack bar is an asset to the building and he would favor continuing with the business. Commissioner T.C Rogers said he too favors continuing the snack bar for selfish reasons.

“I love my chips,” he said.

Rogers also said while the county is considering options for use of the space, “We need someone to provide the service.”

Commission President Cindy Carpenter, former county clerk, talked with Good for years.

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“She has a great sense of humor and knew everyone who came in (by voice and regular purchases),” Carpenter said. She added that Good often passed along thoughts, good and bad, that she heard from customers.

Carpenter said she is in favor of having some type of food service in the building and she is in favor of continuing with the program through the rehabilitation services commission.

County Administrator Charlie Young said the county is looking at options. Currently vending machines are located around the corner from the snack bar near a conference from where potential jurors gather before trials.

“We do need some type of food option,” Young said, noting that could be additional vending machines. “We are exploring to decide if it should be a snack bar or vending machines.”

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