Man accused of taking bicycle at gunpoint due in court next week

Jamarr Buckner (Courtesy/Montgomery County Jail)

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Jamarr Buckner (Courtesy/Montgomery County Jail)

The man accused of taking a bicycle at gunpoint from two people Monday evening, which led to a nearly hour-long manhunt, was wounded by a Dayton police officer who used a Taser in making the apprehension.

Jamarr Buckner, 26, was taken to Miami Valley Hospital to have the barbs removed, according to a University of Dayton Department of Public Safety incident report released Tuesday afternoon.

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He remains in the Montgomery County Jail on charges of felony aggravated robbery and misdemeanor obstructing official business, according to online jail records. Bond is set at $50,000.

The Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office has dropped a misdemeanor charge of resisting arrest against Buckner, who is scheduled to be court Aug. 16.

According to the incident report, Buckner is accused of taking the bike from a 47-year-old woman, who was with her 53-year-old boyfriend, in the area of Veterans Parkway and Patterson Road about 6 p.m. Monday.

The boyfriend chased the robber to an alleyway adjacent to the UD Bombeck Children's Center, at the rear of Woodland Avenue, and stopped his chase when he said he saw the robber brandish a firearm from his waistband.

A UD police officer, heading back toward the university district after responding to the dispatch about the robbery and finding no one, saw a man riding a bike across the Stewart Street bridge who fit the description of the suspect.

The officer stopped the suspect on South Edwin C. Moses Boulevard.

"I exited my cruiser quickly as the suspect, whom I recognized as Buckner, jumped off of the bike. As I was approaching the front of my cruiser, Buckner had quickly shoved his hands in his sweatshirt pockets and I ordered him to show me his hands," the officer wrote in the incident report.

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(DeAngelo Byrd/Staff)

(DeAngelo Byrd/Staff)

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(DeAngelo Byrd/Staff)

"Buckner lifted up his sweatshirt as he was walking towards me and I observed what I believed to be the handle of a firearm, which was tucked in his waist band.

"I asked dispatch to send me crews on a hurry up. I ordered Buckner to show me his hands and get on the ground and he complied. After I told Buckner to get on the ground and put his hands behind his back, he kept hesitating and looking up.

"Buckner kept reaching down towards his side and would not keep his hands visible to me. As I approached Buckner to place handcuffs on him, he jumped up, throwing his phone into the grass, and took off running."

The officer asked for a "signal 99" -- officer needing assistance -- and multiple law enforcement agencies arrived in the area of Edwin C. Moses Boulevard.

After about 50 minutes of police searching yards, a tree line and bushes with their weapons drawn, a Dayton police officer spotted Buckner behind a home in the 300 block of Harriet Street and deployed a Taser to apprehend him.

Neither victim nor Buckner has any connection to UD, the incident report points out.

The Dayton Police Department is filing a use-of-force report as part of the investigation.

There is no mention in the five-page, partially redacted report as to whether police found a handgun or any weapon in the area where Buckner first encountered the officer or where he was apprehended.

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