Man fires gun during fight at Fairborn apartment complex; 2 arrested

Two men were arrested after a fight at a Fairborn apartment complex escalated Monday evening when a man fired a gun in the air, according to police records.

Cameron Thacker, 21, is charged with discharging a firearm and Kross Dennehy, 18, is facing an improper handling of a firearm charge in connection with the incident.

The fight occurred around 7 p.m. Dec. 23 at the Landmark Village Apartments on Landmark Court.

Witnesses told 911 that several people were fighting and one of them had a gun.

Officers arrived and found Dennehy behind the wheel of a 2011 Ford Fusion with a rifle in the backseat that was registered to him, according to police.

Multiple witnesses identified Dennehy as one of two men in the fight who had a firearm, police said.

Police identified the second armed man as Thacker, who witnesses saw fire a gun in the air during the fight.

No one was hit by the bullet, police said.

None of the other people involved in the fight were charged, police said.