Man pleads guilty, sentenced to life in prison in Coldwater woman’s stabbing death

A Coldwater man accused of killing a 47-year-old woman in her apartment in January 2018 was sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty.

Francy Majo, 21, pleaded guilty to aggravated murder, aggravated burglary and aggravated robbery as part of a plea deal, according to Mercer County Common Pleas Court records.

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The aggravated murder conviction has a felony murder specification attached.

He was initially charged with aggravated murder, murder, rape and aggravated robbery.

A three-judge panel sentenced Majo to life in prison without the possibility of parole, according to court records.

He was also sentenced to 22 years in prison for aggravated burglary and aggravated robbery charges.

Majo had faced a possible death sentence due to the aggravated murder charge.

In January 2018, Sandra Renner was found dead in her apartment on North Elm Street in Coldwater.

She was covered in blood and cold, her mother said in a 911 call.

“She’s got blood all over her,” Renner’s mother told 911 dispatchers. “She ain’t got no clothes on or nothing.”

Renner has “multiple stab wounds to her chest,” according to initial observations by police on the scene.

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Majo was arrested and charged after he admitted to police that evidence collected from a trash dumpster “were his, and that he had discarded them in the dumpster,” according to an affidavit filed in Celina Municipal Court.

Majo was reportedly living in one of the neighboring apartments.

Police wrote in the affidavit that Majo “had walked to Renner’s apartment, had stabbed and killed her and then left the scene.” The killing may have happened “a few days before,” according to the affidavit.