Memorial service set for celebrated author

Mr. Andrews, a prolific writer, teacher, story teller, protector of wildlife, a musician, and a serious student of the occult and esoteric, died from cancer at his Jackson, Tenn., farm and animal refuge on Oct. 24 at the age of 57.

Born in Dayton on July 15, 1952, he lived the formative years of his life in Beavercreek and graduated from Carroll High School in 1970.

Among others, he is survived by his wife, Kathy Andrews, who worked as an emergency room nurse at St. Elizabeth Medical Center for a number of years before it closed.

According to his cousin, Susan Haught, a nurse at Grandview Medical Center, Mr. Andrews “loved animals of all kinds, and spent a number of years as a volunteer at the Aullwood Center ... where he worked primarily with the raptor rehabilitation program.”

Mr. Andrews spent 10 years working for the public school system in Cincinnati as a teacher and counselor, according to his cousin. “Seven of them he spent working with disadvantaged students in special needs classes,” she said. “He introduced to the children his love of nature and animals.”

Haught said, “Ted was eventually famous around the world for his many books regarding the spirit world, animals and psychic understanding and mysticism.”

The book “Animal Speak: The Spiritual and Magical Powers of Creatures Great and Small” was the top-selling book of the 40 Mr. Andrews authored. It was released in 1993 and had sold more than half a million copies by the time of his death.

“There was this bookstore called Galaxy Ten at the corner of Stroop Road and Marshall in Kettering,” Haught said. “I was once invited to attend one of Ted’s workshops and one of his speeches at the store.

“People were just inspired and mesmerized by Ted. He was an electric public speaker. Many, I think, thought of him as a leader of a spiritual movement. He really touched lives and made a difference. Ted was held in high regard by followers of his philosophy and beliefs, the world over.”

Among other talents, Mr. Andrews was a student of ballet dancing, played the piano, violin, Celtic harp, bamboo flute and Tibetan bells.

The public memorial service and Mass in honor of Mr. Andrews will be held at 10 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 30, at St. Luke Church, 1442 N. Fairfield Road in Beavercreek.

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