Miami Hamilton’s ‘mission’ remains same 50 years later

In its 50 years, Miami University Hamilton has dedicated buildings, expanded its curriculum to include bachelor’s degrees and increased its student enrollment.

On Saturday, the Miami branch campus celebrated its 50th birthday, and Cathy Bishop-Clark, dean of the Miami Regionals, stressed the principles that were planted in 1968 are maintained today. The goal is to be an institution accessible to everyone who wants a Miami education at an affordable cost, she said.

“That was our mission 50 years ago, and that remains our mission today,” Bishop-Clark said during Miami Hamilton’s celebration.

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The event attracted more than 1,000 people from diverse backgrounds. The party featured a free lunch, ice cream from Flub’s, a chili cook-off between the Hamilton firefighters and police officers, bouncy inflatable attractions, 20-minute talks by several faculty discussing their disciplines and a car show.

Pat Moeller, Hamilton’s mayor, and Bishop-Clark boasted about the partnership between the city and the university. Moeller called the collaboration “like none I have ever seen.” He said Miami’s Center for Civic Engagement has a strong downtown presence and keeps the area “vibrant with people of all ages.”

Bishop-Clark said Hamilton is blessed to have a “wonderful group of people” running the city.

“They’re all pointed in the same direction,” she said. “We have all these leaders who are pointed to creating a better Hamilton. Miami Hamilton is at the table and is very much a part of that. The city is working to revive a city and we are working to provide educated graduates who can help do that.”

That’s important, she said, because Miami’s branch campuses in Hamilton and Middletown produce graduates who typically remain in the area, while graduates of major universities often leave the state.

The first classes at Miami Hamilton were held on Sept. 7, 1968. Part of the celebration included a time capsule, originally thought to be opened in 50 years. But Bishop-Clark decided it should be opened in 25 years — 2043 — so she and others may be alive.

One of the items placed in the capsule was a letter from her.

In part, it read: “The story of Miami Regionals is not about computer equipment, or teaching methods or on-line learning. The story is in its students, its faculty.”

Here are some of the items placed in a time capsule Saturday in honor of Miami University Hamilton’s 50th birthday party:

Journal-News dated Sept. 7, 2018

A sign-up sheet with the names of current faculty and staff

A letter from Cathy Bishop-Clark, dean of Miami Regionals

A note from Gregory P. Crawford, Miami University’s president

A DVD from those who attended the celebration

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