Miami U. student charged with pointing loaded gun at boyfriend in a ‘jealous rage’

An intoxicated female Miami University student was accused of pointing a loaded gun at her boyfriend in a jealous rage after she saw him talking to another woman at a bar, according to a police report.

Police were called to their North College Avenue apartment at 2:51 a.m. Dec. 22 by the boyfriend, who said they had both been drinking but she had consumed more than he had.

He told the officer his girlfriend had left after threatening him but she had pointed the gun at his head after he lay down to sleep when they got home with her upset and wanting to talk about the situation.

He identified the gun as his and said he keeps it unloaded in a bedside drawer. She left with the gun.

The victim told the officer they had argued when they got back home, but he said he was tired and going to bed. He said he laid down on the bed to go to sleep and heard the clip being snapped into place in the gun and a round being chambered. He then realized she was pointing the gun at his head, he told the officer.

He identified the gun as a 9mm Taurus G2C.

Another Oxford officer arrived and searched outside the apartment building, located the suspect and soon after found the gun outside near where he found her. He confirmed the gun was loaded and a round was in the chamber. It was in a carrying case which also contained another clip of ammunition.

The gun was unloaded and secured in the cruiser. A Miami University police sergeant arrived at the scene and the suspect was placed in the back seat of his cruiser.

Asked if the suspect knew how to handle a firearm, the victim said he has shown her in the past how to load one.

While he wrote out his statement, the officer went out to talk to the suspect, who was in the cruiser holding a small dog tightly and crying hysterically. The report notes he could smell a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on her breath.

She was read her Miranda rights and indicated she understood them. She told the officer she was mad because a woman had thrown a drink on her at the bar. When asked about the firearm, she said she did not want to talk any more. She said she wanted to talk to her boyfriend, but was told that was not possible.

The suspect was placed under arrest and handcuffed and walked to the other cruiser while insisting she had to talk to her boyfriend. She was told that would not happen that night. At the police station during booking she continued to insist she speak to him but was repeatedly denied.

She was charged with domestic violence, weapons while intoxicated and aggravated menacing. The gun, magazines, bullets and carrying case were placed into evidence. The magazines had 12-bullet capacity, one of them full and the other holding 11 bullets, with the other one ejected from the chamber.

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