Miami Valley’s first medical marijuana clinic opens in Springfield

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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Miami Valley's first medical marijuana "clinic" opens

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

The first medical marijuana clinic in the Miami Valley is now open in Springfield.

The clinic is along Elcamino Drive where the Releaf Health Clinic is seeing patients.

The Columbus-based practice specializes in treating roughly 20 different chronic medical conditions, registers patients for an Ohio medical marijuana care and even offers a concierge service.

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News Center 7's Tavares Jones spoke with some residents who said they welcome the clinic and others who said not so much.

“The people that are in chronic pain that really need it and have seizures, or muscular or neurological type issues, it will help them a whole lot. They are the ones that really need it,” Jim Hall said. “I’m an advocate for it because I can see the good that it will do for everybody.”

The practice in Columbus opened last December and sees 30 to 40 patients a week at that location.

The clinic’s operation manager, Nolan Vannucci, said, “We know there is a need all over Ohio, and specifically in the Dayton/Springfield area, so we are excited to be helping patients threat their pain naturally and help the opioid issue that has hit the area hard.”

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While Hall welcomes the new clinic, Joseph Miller, who lives across the parking lot from the new dispensary, said he’s not really open to the idea.

“I disapprove of it because in my family, I strongly disapprove of drugs anything,” he said.

An office visit at the new clinic will cost at most $250 and part of that goes toward the annual state registration fee.

The practice also offers discounts for military veterans, patients 65 and older, and those on Medicare.

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