Montgomery County Fair puts emphasis on ride safety

The Montgomery County Fair opened its gates today for the second time at it’s new home in Jefferson Township.

Fair officials are putting an emphasis on new attractions and ride safety after the deadly 2017 accident involving the fireball ride at the Ohio State Fair in Columbus put a spotlight on ride safety at all festivals and county fairs.

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The fair’s board executive director, Greg Wallace, says ride safety is the top concern of the state and this fair, and anyone with concerns is welcome.

“They should come into the fair office and make us aware of the situation.”

Wallace also says rides must be inspected by the state every time they move and re-locate, and they can’t open again without a safety certification.

“If a deficit is found and can’t be fixed before the inspector leaves, the ride is shut down.”

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Davion Colter says he believes fair officials will do the necessary safety inspections.

“It’s under control, they’ve got that under control, kids are having fun.”

The fair board says they have plenty of security on hand and they’ll be inspecting rides each and every day.

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