Movie security helps stop Middletown home burglary

Kip Hightower, who lives in the 1200 block of Lind Street, called police about 6 a.m. Thursday, alerting them he had a burglary suspect detained in his home.

When Hightower yelled for help, Jerri Payne, 63, of Fort Thorns, Ky., who was working security during the filming of “The Girl From Compton,” responded. Payne told officers she held a flashlight on the suspect, later identified as Shawn Palmore, 47, of Columbia Avenue.

She told officers that Palmore jumped up off the floor, knocked her to the ground, and Hightower chased Palmore down the alley until Palmore fled on a bike.

Palmore was apprehended by Middletown police officers a few minutes later at Girard Avenue and Garfield Street, police said.

Police said the suspect allegedly used a chair to gain entry into the home. He was charged with aggravated burglary, assault and criminal damaging.