Ohio couple accused of price gouging, selling hand sanitizer 11 times retail price


An Athens, Ohio couple is accused of hoarding bottles of hand sanitizer during the coronavirus pandemic and then selling them on Amazon for 11 times the retail price, according to Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost.

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Marcus and Allen Fultz reportedly got bulk quantities of hand sanitizer and then listed them for sale on their Amazon account, danielle-on-2nd, increasing the price by as much as 1,017.3 percent.

“This is appalling behavior and should be answered in a court of law,” Yost said. “Even more, it points out the need for a specific price-gouging law.”

The couple made more than $26,700 from selling 600 Purell hand sanitizer products in February and March, according to Yost.

“Compared to the averages sales price of the same products sold on Amazon as of Jan. 19, 2020, defendant raised the prices of their hand sanitizer products by between 241.8 percent and 1,017.8 percent, for an average price mark up of 423.5 percent,” the lawsuit read. “Defendants’ behavior contributed to a shortage of a highly desirable and useful item that harmed consumers and the public interest.”

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The lawsuit claims the couple violated the state’s Consumer Sales Practices Act.

The state is asking the court to require the couple to reimburse customers and pay civil penalties, Yost said.

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