Ohio man dies from West Nile virus

An Ohio man has died from West Nile virus, marking the first reported death from the virus in 2017.

The 74-year-old Defiance County man who died had been hospitalized with encephalitis. The Ohio Department of Health said in a statement that there have been 10 human cases reported across the state, including in some local counties like Clark, Greene and Hamilton.

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The Ohio Department of Health gives these tips to avoid mosquito bites:

• If you are outdoors between dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are most active, be sure to wear long pants, a long-sleeved shirt, shoes and socks.

• Wear light-colored clothing, which is less attractive to mosquitoes.

• Use EPA-registered mosquito repellent and follow the label directions.

• Install or repair screens on windows and doors to keep mosquitoes out of your home.

The primary way people get West Nile virus is through the bite of an infected mosquito. Most people who become infected with West Nile virus do not have any symptoms. About one in five people who become infected develop a fever with other symptoms like headache, body aches, joint pains, vomiting, diarrhea, or rash. Less than 1 percent of infected people develop a serious neurologic illness, such as encephalitis or meningitis.

There are no medications to treat or vaccines to prevent West Nile virus infection.

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