Oregon District shooting: 911 calls describe fearful moments after chaos breaks out

As a gunman entered the Dayton’s Oregon District early Sunday morning where he killed nine people and injured 37 others, multiple people called 911 for help.

“There’s a shooting at Newcom’s Tavern in the Oregon District,” one caller said. “What do we do, what do we do?”

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Another call to Montgomery County Regional dispatch captured the fear in the callers voice as they were crying.

"There was shots fired, there's somebody hurt,” the caller said. "Everybody laid down and I don't know where my friends are.”

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Even a mother of someone who was at the bar called in moments after the chaos.

“My daughter just called, she said she’s at Neds in the Oregon District and there’s been a shooting there.”

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One of the last 911 callers was able to describe the gunman, Conner Betts, 24.

“We have an active shooter on Fifth Street, right outside Hole in the Wall,” the caller said. “One gun, one man, had a mask, multiple shots, ran inside Newcom’s."

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Betts was wearing a mask and bulletproof vest when he opened fire around 1:05 a.m., killing nine people and wounding 37 others before police officers shot and killed him outside the door to Ned Peppers bar.

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