Coronavirus: Tips from local travel company before booking your next vacation

Bill Cacciolfi owns New World Expeditions. The Yellow Springs man has been in business for 35 years.

The company, which specializes in African safaris, had delayed all its excursions until at least September. Cacciolfi told News Center 7 he began to suspect something serious when employees at a partnering office in China began to get sick.

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"I buy my tickets through a consolidator. Those are agencies that deal directly with airlines. They don't deal with the public. I'm a partner in that deal. WE have an office in Wuhan, China that handles nothing but our China market. Safaris, cruises. They handle our entire Chinese market but our office is in Wuhan" said Cacciolfi.

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Cacciolfi expects there to be a lot of travel deals once restrictions, put in place because of the coronavirus, are lifted. He says all but one of his 40 clients purchased travel insurance and recommends it for anyone who spends more money than they're prepared to lose.

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While Cacciolfi is waiting for travel to return to normal, he's also worried about his daughter Ava, who lives in Manhattan, New York, an area with a high rate of people infected with the coronavirus.

"At this point danger is your next door neighbor. It's the door handle. It's the taxi cab handle. It's everything you'd never think of. But I know she's a tough kid. She's young and healthy" said Cacciolfi.

Cacciolfi said he asked his daughter if she wanted to return home to Ohio. He said even though she's not sick, Ava told him she didn't want to risk exposing her Yellow Springs family to anything she might have come in contact with in New York.

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