Parent attacks dress code policy

Parent Amy Sayre let district administrators and the Board of Education know about her displeasure with banning of yoga pants by High School Principal Belinda Banks. Sayre said she was concerned about her 14-year old-daughter being called to the office about her school attire.

“I just think that we are spending way too much time and effort worrying about what kids are wearing. My daughter has been called down to the office three times,” Sayre told the board at its Sept. 24 meeting.

“My problem is kids are failing in her class and they don’t get called down to the office. We are more concerned about what the kids are wearing,” she added.

Sayre said she bought clothing for her daughter and followed the written dress code that prohibits leggings but doesn’t address yoga pants.

Board President Tom Merritt and Superintendent John Kronour supported Banks’ handling of the dress code.

Merritt was the only board member to comment during Sayre’s remarks.

Kronour said Banks is attempting to enforce the dress code, adding some areas are open to interpretation. He said Banks said the yoga pants “can be extremely revealing” and she considers them to be “like leggings.”

Kronour said Banks made her determination and announced that finding to students. “It is her interpretation of the policy and, right now, that is what I am supporting as superintendent.”

Merritt said Banks is charged with running the high school and is the one interpreting the dress code on a day-to-day basis. “To the extent that she deems it inappropriate, that is the way it is going to be,” he said.

Merritt said the discussion would end because of what he considered Sayre’s argumentative approach, and said the board would move on to other business.

Kronour said last week that he had not received any added comments or concerns from parents regarding the dress code and the ban of yoga pants.