Piqua roofing manufacturer makes metal nose strips for homemade masks

A local manufacturer has switched from making roofing materials to also producing metal nose strips for face masks.

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Piqua-based Isaiah Industries normally produces metal roofing, but according to CEO Todd Miller, the company has so far produced and shipped approximately 500,000 metal nose strips to over 3,000 people at no charge.

The company now offers the strips from a dedicated website, where Miller said that around 40,000 requests come in per day.

“Our current production capacity is around 100,000 strips per 8-hour shift,” Miller said. “With a total shipping cost thus far approaching $25,000, we have been blessed by several individual and company contributions to our effort. As a company, we did receive PPP funding which has allowed us to stay open and be able to contribute to COVID-19 crisis relief in a meaningful way.”

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He added that daily demand for the strips continues to grow, and that he had to temporarily pause taking in orders while his team worked to catch up. Moving forward, he said that the company would charge for shipping, though not for the product.

“Interestingly, we’ve always dreamed of having a division of our company producing products for the medical industry,” Miller said. “Much as we all regret the COVID-19 crisis, it could be the unlikely route to achieving that dream.”

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