Police remove woman, dog from ‘unlivable’ home in Middletown

Middletown police contacted Social Services and removed a dog after they found that a Middletown woman was residing in an “unlivable” home in the 4200 block of Vannest Avenue.

A complainant contacted police and said she was concerned for the 77-year-old woman and her dog, according to the police report.


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When police went to the home on New Year’s Eve, they were “overwhelmed with an extremely strong odor.” The living conditions were described as “deplorable” in the police report.

The officer said there were several jugs and containers filled with urine and feces and the house was so cold that a water line had broken in the utility room, and there was ice over the floor, the report said.

There were bags of trash and dirty dishes in the kitchen and a large box filled with cat and dog feces.

Police talked to the resident at Atrium Medical Center, where she was seeking treatment. They said her dog was in “poor health” and his toenails were so long, he had difficulty walking.

Joseph’s Legacy, a local animal rescue organization, was called to retrieve and care for the dog while his owner is hospitalized, police said.

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