Coronavirus: ‘We are in mitigation strategy,’ says Public Health commissioner

Dayton and Montgomery County officials stressed the importance of following orders to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

“We are in mitigation strategy,” Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County Health Commissioner Jeff Cooper said during a press conference.

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He rehashed the orders of Gov. Mike DeWine that closed bars, restaurants to dine-in patrons, and advised that those waiting in line for carryout maintain social distancing of six feet.

Also, he urged the most at-risk individuals to stay at home. That includes those 65 and older or those whose immune systems are compromised.

“That’s unprecedented in our lifetime,” Cooper said.

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While there are not statistics available regarding the virus and pregnant women, he urged them to limit their exposure to others.

Anyone who is not sick will not need to be tested.

Anyone who is sick and thinks testing is needed should contact their primary physician. All testing must be ordered by physicians.

Sheriff Rob Streck said his deputies are here to serve and protect.

“Public safety is our number one concern,” he said.

Calls for service are actually down, but he urged residents to be aware of scammers who may try to take advantage of others.

Debbie Feldman from Dayton Children’s Hospital said the virus has not been affecting children in a significant way. Children may be carriers, but it is the adults who are at greater risk, she said. Also, regular appointments and imaging are continuing at the hospital campuses.

Mark Donaghy, CEO of the Greater Dayton Regional Transit Agency, said it will continue to operate and has stepped up to do extra disenfecting and cleaning.

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