REPORT: Dayton man struck by vehicle after argument with friend

A Dayton man was struck by a vehicle after getting into an argument with the driver, according to a Dayton police report.

An officer responded to the 1100 block of Gettysburg Road around 10:02 p.m. Sunday.

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The victim told the officer that he was getting something to eat with his cousin when his friend pulled up to the vehicle and got into the passenger seat.

She told the victim to take the vehicle out of her name by Monday, read the report. The victim said that he purchased the vehicle, but put it in his friend’s name because his license is suspended, according to the report.

The friend reportedly took the keys and went to leave in another vehicle, but the victim put his hand in the window to ask for the keys back.

When she tried to drive off, the victim pulled his hand out of the window and hit it, causing it to shatter, according to the report.

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The victim then called to have the vehicle towed.

Once a tow truck arrived, the woman returned and told the tow truck driver she’d charge him with theft if he towed the car, according to the report.

She then got into the vehicle and started it, read the report.

As she reversed, she reportedly struck a metal pole in the parking lot.

The victim and his cousin went in front of the vehicle and told her to not take the car, read the report.

The woman drove forward, turning right, and stuck the victim in the legs and pelvis area, according to the report.

The victim reportedly went over the hood and fell off the driver side of the vehicle.

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The victim’s cousin was side swiped by the vehicle, according to the report.

The victim was transported to Miami Valley Hospital for treatment. His cousin told the officer he was injured, but got a ride from someone else on the scene, read the report.

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