Mom trespassed, accused of assaulting students at Dayton school

A mother was trespassed from DECA Middle School after she reportedly assaulted multiple students, including slapping one, according to a Dayton police report.

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Three female students were in the lunchroom Wednesday when the woman, who was bringing her daughter lunch, approached them.

The woman told police that the girls have bullying-related issues with her daughter and that she was asking them why they weren’t talking to her, according to the report.

She reportedly said she playfully poked one girl’s and grabbed another girl’s arm.

One of the girls said that the woman slapped her and put her arm around the girl’s neck, according to the report.

A second girl repeated the claim and reportedly said the woman bumped into her, knocking the girl into the wall.

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The third student said that the woman grabbed her by the arm and refused to let go for several moments, according to the report.

Video surveillance reportedly showed the woman slap the first student and wrap an arm around her neck. It also showed the woman bump into the second girl and grab the third student’s arm, according to the report.

Two of the girls’ parents declined pressing charges, but wanted mediation with the woman and her daughter. The third girl’s mother said she wanted the woman to stay away from her and her daughter, according to the report.

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The woman was not arrested and no charges were filed due to a lack of interest in prosecution.

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