Residents seek answers about the Hewitt Soap Factory fire cleanup

DAYTON — Residents are concerned about debris left over from a fire in the historic former Hewitt Soap Factory building on Linden Avenue.

Two months after a fire in the building at 333 Linden Avenue, residents say nothing has been done and rubble from the fire is spilling into the street.

PHOTOS: Debris from former Hewitt Soap Factory spills onto sidewalk

A resident described a steel beam hanging out in the road, and said there is no safety barrier or caution tape that was put around the pile of debris.

Now neighbors in this area want to know why nothing has been done to remove the debris.

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The former soap factory building was destroyed in a fire Dec. 22, 2016. Emergency crews said the flames lit up the night sky, and swirled about 90 feet above the building.

Fire officials determined the building was unstable and would need to be demolished. Concerns that part of the building would collapse onto Linden Avenue also led to the decision to raze the structure.

The city of Dayton says clean up of the building is the responsibility of the owner, however the planning department will assess the site to see if there is an issue with public safety.

“We have been working through the legal process to get the site cleaned up,” said Toni Bankston, a city spokeswoman. “Planning is going out again today to check on the building since you told us of the complaint. However this building has been top of mind for us as we work through the legal process."

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