Rose Music Center has record year for profit, shows

The Rose Music Center made nearly $1.1 million for Huber Heights this past season following a record number of shows.

The popular concert venue located along Interstate 70 has made a profit year-over-year since it opened in 2015, city data shows.

In 2019, the Rose brought in more than $6.5 million in ticket revenue.

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While the “tangible dollars” are certainly something for the city to celebrate, Huber Heights City Manager Rob Schommer said the amount of efficiency that’s been created is equally exciting — the music center spent 20% less in expenses than it did in its first season.

“The Rose is an important part of the community. We knew the venue would give back if it were successful,” Schommer said. “The profits of the music center have been maximized by running it like a separate business within the city.”

Also cause for celebration: The Rose was voted best music venue in the state by readers of Ohio Magazine.

“I really think that amenity has proven its worth, and it’s a gem in the community,” Schommer said.

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Huber Heights city council and city staff discussed the Rose’s finances at this week’s council work session.

The Rose hosted 40 shows in 2019, the most the music center has held in one season. Ten were sold out. In 2015, the Rose’s inaugural season, the venue had one sellout. Since opening, the Rose has had 172 shows — 31 of them sellouts.

The Rose competes with other music venues in the Dayton region, such as the Fraze Pavilion in Kettering and Levitt Pavilion downtown.

The Fraze is an open-air, 4,300-seat amphitheater that had 39 ticketed events in 2019 and kept pace with its prior numbers of average attendance and sellouts, Kettering Assistant City Manager Steve Bergstresser previously told this paper.

“Each facility has its own niche,” Schommer said. “So I don’t think that we compete directly with each other. I think that all the venues in the region complement each other.” Growth at all three venues has made the Miami Valley an entertainment destination, he said.

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The Rose has generated nearly $32 million since it opened. The net profit to the city over those five years is about $3.6 million. The total revenue in 2019 is 20% more than in its first year of operation.

Much of the profit the city generates from the Rose is put into parks and recreation.

“This is a far-reaching, great amenity,” Schommer said. “Because of this, we’ve been able to capitalize on some great improvements to our parks.”

Schommer said the Rose, which employs about 200 people seasonally, was the largest contributor to Huber Heights’ economy in 2018 and 2019. “While it may not be the largest employer, it provides the largest amount of revenue back to the city,” Schommer said.

Schommer said the music center has been successful because it is being run more efficiently by very dedicated people.

“We give it a lot of attention,” Schommer said. “We make sure we have the right resources and people in place to do the work that needs to be done.”

Schommer said one thing that helped streamline costs at the Rose is a high return rate for seasonal workers. The workers who come back are very skilled and efficient, he said.

Schommer said keeping the experience for patrons and performers in mind has also helped make the Rose successful.

“All in all, I think we have a lot to celebrate,” Schommer said. “We’ve outdone ourselves.”

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Rose Music Center by the numbers

$1.1 million: 2019 Huber Heights' net profit from the Rose

40: shows held at the Rose in 2019

10: shows that were sold out at the Rose in 2019

$32 million: total operational revenue generated since the Rose opened in 2015

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