Secret Service report: All school violence attackers showed concerning behaviors

A recent report from the U.S. Secret Service on targeted school violence found that all attackers showed warning signs and most had previously threatened others.

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While people witnessed a threat or threatening behavior, in many cases they didn’t act or report anything, the report said.

Here are other key findings in the Secret Service’s report:

  • There is no profile of a student attacker, nor is there a profile for the type of school that has been targeted.
  • Attackers usually had multiple  motives, the most common involving a grievance with classmates.
  • Most attackers used firearms, and firearms were most often acquired from the home.
  • Most attackers had experience psychological, behavioral or developmental symptoms.
  • Half of the attackers had interests in violent topics.
  • All attackers experienced social stressors involving their relationship with peers and/or romantic partners.
  • Nearly every attacker experienced negative home life factors.
  • Most attackers were victims of bullying, which was often observed by others.
  • Most attackers had a history of school disciplinary actions, and many had prior contact with law enforcement.
  • All attackers exhibited concerning behaviors. Most elicited concern from others and most communicated their intent to attack.

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