Sheriff: It’s up to businesses to comply with stay-at-home order best they can

Governor DeWine’s new stay-at-home order has Miami County residents confused about when to leave home and what will happen if they do.

Sheriff Duchak of Miami County told News Center 7 reporter, James Rider, that police will not question someone just because they are out on the roads.

“We trust the people use your common sense use your judgement,” said Sheriff Duchak. “Follow Governor DeWine's orders as best you can. We're not going to arbitrate everything deputies aren't doing to stop you and ask for your papers or where your going.”

Many people have also voiced concerns about businesses that remained open and whether they are considered essential.

The sheriff said he is leaving it up to the businesses to decide whether or not they should be open.

“We don't have the time or the resources and I don't feel it's our job either,” said Sheriff Duchak. “I trust the business owners, I trust the employees, I trust the people to make good common sense decisions.”

Other police departments have echoed similar thoughts and are deferring people calling to reach out to the health department.

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