TV show airing today looks at deadly Englewood shooting

Shelly Porter III
Shelly Porter III

Investigation Discovery, the national documentary-style program owned by Discovery Inc. that features true crime subjects, will air an episode today regarding a deadly officer-involved shooting in Englewood.

The police officer, Tim Corcoran, fatally shot Shelly Porter III in the parking lot of the vacant Englewood Inn on Feb. 5, 2017, in a scuffle.

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The Discovery episode titled “Long Shot” will air at 10 p.m. on Investigation Discovery, according to spokeswoman Aimee Buck.

She said the episode covers the details of the case, which involved Corcoran responding to a report of shots being fired into a Motel 6.

He chased Porter, 41, to an abandoned motel, where a struggle ensued, and ended up shooting Porter after firing multiple rounds. Porter died later at Miami Valley Hospital.

The “Long Shot” episode reviews the police report and the findings of the investigation conducted by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office Bureau of Criminal Identification that eventually cleared Corcoran.

The BCI investigation noted that Porter had refused to comply with the officer’s commands, a fight ensued, and Porter pointed his gun at Corcoran.

Corcoran explains in the episode that he was investigating shots fired at the Motel 6 and that led him to Porter, who had not checked out of the hotel room that had bullet holes in the window,

“There were 2 bullet holes in the window and a little bit of blood on the bed,” he states in the show, describing how the Motel 6 investigation started to unfold.

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Porter had prior issues with police, and Corcoran said he was familiar with those problems, which led him to want to question him about the bullet holes in the hotel room.

“Knowing the past history that I’ve had with Mr. Porter, knowing that he’s had issues with mental health and drug use, which is a bad combination - we needed to find out a few things,” Corcoran said. “Why did he fire rounds through the hotel room? Where did the blood on the bed come from? It put an uneasy feeling upon me.”

The officer says in “Long Shot” that he continued to comb the hotel room for evidence and found some spent casings and live rounds.

“One thing I notice that I don’t find is a firearm,” Corcoran said, and that led police to proceed with caution as they searched for Porter.

When Corcoran eventually found Porter in the parking lot of the closed Englewood Inn, on South Main Street, body-cam footage shows Corcoran shoot Porter with a taser twice, and a violent struggle follows.

Video footage also shows that, as the two men struggled, the following items fell from Porter’s pocket: a handgun, a knife, a cell phone, loose ammunition and a cigarette lighter made to resemble a gun.

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