Friends of Dayton Levitt Pavilion say they’ve raised $4.2M of $5M goal

UPDATE @ 6:45 p.m.: The friends of Levitt Pavilion Dayton said it has raised $4.2 million of its $5 million goal to make the amphitheater a reality.

Architects at tonight’s public Q&A session are discussing possible designs. They are proposing situating the stage at the southwest corner of the Dave Hall Plaza site, near the convention center.

They also revealed three designs for the pavilion, featuring walking paths and seating arrangements. The final design likely will be a blend of the three design ideas.

Designers used hand-held remote clickers to poll visitors about their entertainment preferences, as well as their park and downtown visitation habits.


An estimated 70 to 80 people have shown up for Monday night’s public comments and questions hearing about the future of the Levitt Pavilion, an entertainment venue to be located at Dave Hall Plaza in downtown Dayton.

Residents were invited to the public input meeting at the Crowne Plaza Dayton, 33 E. Fifth St., for the opportunity to offer suggestions for the design of the outdoor music venue. City staff is there as well to answer questions about the development process.

Levitt Pavilions build community through music and Dayton has been selected as the ninth city to host such a site. Fifty free performances will occur at the pavilion yearly.

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