Some Miamisburg residents looking forward to transition to soft water

Miamisburg is taking steps to deliver soft water to its residents, and some are looking forward to the change

Some people in Miamisburg said that until now, they’d only drink water out of bottles.

Now, they may be able to change that.

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“It’s just pukey,” said Erma of Miamisburg. “It’s nasty.”

That’s why Erma said she doen’t like to drink water from her tap.

“I can’t drink water from here,” she said. “Never have. Disgusting that you would even put something like that in your throat.”

As part of a $70-million plan, Miamisburg began rolling out soft water to all its home and businesses earlier this month.

By late November, the city said that people should being to notice a difference compared to the water they had before.

“It’s kept me in business great,” said Ed Lemanski, a plumber. “Sent all my daughters through college.”

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Lemanski said the city’s hard water has been “my best friend.”

“I’ve had to replace water heaters, get lime buildup, the annoyance of having lime in the screen in your kitchen faucet,” he said.

Some area communities, such as Dayton, Centerville and Kettering, already have soft water, which is treated by the City of Dayton.

Fairborn, Bellbrook, Huber Heights and Springfield all have hard water.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, people in Miami Valley with hard water should be just fine when it comes to their health.

“Hardness is  a property of water that is not a health concern, but it can be a nuisance,” the agency said.

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For people like Erma, that nuisance has spoiled tap water.

“It’s got me turned against water,” she said.

Miamisburg said that it will be late February before the soft water is completely implemented.

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