Springboro student’s choice to sit during Pledge of Allegiance sparks investigation

Springboro Junior High officials will speak to a study hall monitor Friday as part of an investigation into a student's complaint to a principal that arose out of her not standing for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Scott Marshall, district communications coordinator, said the student went to the principal because of how the monitor questioned her and addressed her in front of the other students.

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"The student remained seated throughout the Pledge of Allegiance. After, the study hall monitor returned back to the desk, and the student spoke to the Springboro Junior High School principal about being questioned," Marshall stated in a release.

A relative of an eighth-grade classmate contacted the newsroom about a claim of a physical altercation involving the monitor and an African-American student.

"We believe there was not" a physical altercation, Marshall said Thursday night.

He said the study hall monitor is a classified employee, and not a teacher, who has worked for the district eight months.

A Springboro police official and Marshall both said the police department is not involved.

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