Vandalia, Butler Township and Schools issued their ‘State of the Community” address. CONTRIBUTED.

State of the community: Vandalia, schools, Butler Twp. come together

Vandalia, Butler Twp., and Vandalia-Butler schools gave their ‘state of the community’ addresses last week at a breakfast banquet.

The representatives included Rob O’Leary, the superintendent of Vandalia-Butler City Schools, Vandalia City Manager Jon Crusey and Butler Twp. Trustee Mike Lang.

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Vandalia’s Crusey said leaders hope to bring more jobs to the city with new companies. He also noted the city will rename the Vandalia Recreation Center by the end of the year and work to make the city more visually appealing to residents and visitors.

Visit Vandalia’s Facebook page for further information on the State of the City address, or call Rich Hopkins at (937) 898-5891.

For the Vandalia-Butler City Schools, it has been a great year, according to O’Leary, who introduced details on the 2021 Strategic Plan on connecting the schools, children and the community.

Treasurer Eric Beavers offered a financial update on the district, saying Vandalia is in good standing.

Visit the school district’s website for more information on the State of the School address or contact Communications and Public Relations Coordinator Anaka Johnson at (937)415-6400.

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Butler Township has made progress on jobs and the economy the past couple of years, Lang said. By the end of 2017, more than 250 businesses called the township home, according to Lang. He noted a third of the businesses are concentrated around the York Commons and Miller Lane areas.

The township has reached full staffing for the fire department and hired a part-time code enforcement officer, Eddie Robinson. He has increased the number of violation orders issued by 35 percent since 2016.

Visit the township’s website for further information regarding Butler Township’s address or contact any of the trustee’s at (937)898-6735.